Hi, I'm Andrew.

About Me

I moved to Japan in July of 2011, and in July of 2012 I discovered my passion for building things. Since then, I've been writing code every day. I like to try new things and learn a little along the way.

In November 2013, I took a job as a developer for a great company in Boulder, CO. I'm taking some time off from side projects and blog posts to focus on my new job. I'll be back for sure, it just may be a little while.


  • Staybl helps you find the best area to stay in any city. A Ruby on Rails app hosted on Heroku that utilizes the Google Maps and Yelp APIs.

    Rails PostgreSQL APIs
  • HN Kansai is a static site created with Middleman and hosted on GitHub Pages. It incorporates the YouTube, Flickr, and Doorkeeper APIs to aggregate the relevant information for the HN Kansai meetups.

    Middleman GitHub APIs
  • This is a Minesweeper clone written in JQuery. Click on the screen shot if you fancy a game.

    JQuery HTML CSS
  • Hotfix is a, now defunct, Chrome Extension to save changes from Chrome Developer Tools directly to GitHub. At the time, I needed something like this so I made it. I've since let it lapse into oblivion, but I enjoyed playing around with the GitHub API.

    Javascript Node.js GitHub API Chrome Dev Tools
  • Quick Preview is a WordPress plugin to save and preview a post using Cmd+S. It was my first real project, and I'll always have a little soft spot for it.

    PHP Javascript WordPress


Talk to me, Goose.