Friday Night

Right now, I'm on a train en route to Kyoto. Earlier today I started working on a user authentication system using Devise. I'm currently reading through the docus to get a better feel for the features, implementation, etc... It's Friday night, and I'm sifting through documentation on a Rails gem.

And I'm loving it.

Did you know that trains in Japan are quieter than most libraries in the U.S.? I shit you not. I can see 4 people sleeping, 3 people staring at their phones, 2 listening to music, and another staring out the window. I haven't heard a single word in the last 20 minutes, save the train conductor over the intercom announcing the stops in a soothing voice, that borders on a whisper:

"Otsu. Otsu desu."

It's times like this when it hits me. I was meant to be a developer. When we get to Kyoto, I'll go have a nice dinner with my wife. Then, tomorrow morning, I'll get up early and get right back to it. I love doing this, day in and day out.