Note: I've stop maintaing this extension, and removed it from the Chrome store, to focus on other projects. It was fun while it lasted though.

One day at work I noticed I messed up the layout of this site with some changes I had made earlier that morning. Things looked fine on my laptop, but due to different screen resolutions and an older browser, it looked pretty bad on my work computer. I wasn't going to be home for another 6 hours and doing any kind of local dev work on that computer was out of the question. I needed a simple way to make changes to my site using only a browser.

And now I have one.

Hotfix is a Chrome extension that I've been working on for the last month or so. It allows you to make changes in Chrome Developer Tools and push those changes directly to GitHub. No more saving locally and then committing later. You can edit the CSS and Javscript of your projects from anywhere at anytime.

Here's a brief demo of how the extension works.

I can now edit this site from anywhere with an internet connection, and see the changes reflected immediately. You should give it a test drive by downloading it from the Chrome Web Store or if you're feeling frisky, why don't you fork it on GitHub?