It Just Worked

This story happened about a month after I really started teaching myself how to code. It was late one Friday night, maybe midnight or a little thereafter.  I was making my closing rounds on the internet when I had a sudden bout of inspiration. I fired up my text editor, and got to work. By this time, I was a few rounds into my beverage of choice. I'll admit it, I was being a little sloppy.

"I'll clean it up in the morning", I reassured myself. "I just want to test this out."  I took another drink and persevered. Thirty minutes later (I made that up. I don't know how long it was.) I pulled up Chrome and browsed to my local site.

"Holy shit... I think it worked."

I hit F5. I hit it again. And then it starts to hit me.

I had finally done it. I had gotten it right on the first try. There were no errors, no silly mistakes, no running to Google or StackOverflow to search out an answer. That night I had an idea, I implemented it, and it just worked. It was a magnificent feeling. It sounds like a trivial triumph, but for some reason that's when I knew I could do this. It's when I knew I didn't want to do anything else.